Pewter "Create" Key Necklace

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Handmade in Wisconsin, we are obsessed with our Free Indeed Co. key necklaces. Each key is unique and hand stamped with a word meant to open doors for life-giving conversations.  Because of their nature, the keys vary in shape, color and size. Each key is hung on a 24 inch chain. Wear alone, where two of your favorites together, or layer with any other necklace. 

Wear It- The purpose of our jewelry is to start conversations. Our unique pieces make a statement that will leave people asking the question, "what does your key say?" - and that is where you come in!

Share It- When people ask, tell them! Your key is meant to prompt life giving conversations. Whether it is your life verse, your testimony, or a story - share what you feel! 

Gift It- Know someone who has a special word they follow in life. Know someone who needs a word in their life. Give them one of these key necklaces as a daily reminder